Initial Device Configuration

The initial steps provided for setting up your devices are extremely important, as they allow Vieple to correctly access your devices, and thereby record your responses for your video interview. If these settings are not set correctly during your initial setup, you can correct them at a later stage. The following are the most commonly missed or incorrectly configured settings;

Flash Settings

The initial instructions, prior to accessing your practice question, are largely related to correctly configuring your flash settings to access your devices. If these steps are not followed, you can still modify these settings from within the practice question, by right clicking the video area, selecting settings, then selecting the Privacy tab (second tab on the left). Once selected, ensure that the radio button corresponding to ‘allow’ is selected, and check the remember checkbox. This will add the relevant settings to Flash Player and remember these settings for your future responses.

Recording Device Confirmation

If your device has access to multiple cameras or microphones, you may see an additional dialogue box during your practice question. This is requesting that you confirm the devices that you wish to use to record your interview responses. If this dialogue displays, select the camera and microphone that you wish to use from the drop-down lists presented, and then click the confirm button. This will confirm those devices as the ones to be used for your response and allow you to record your responses with them.

Chrome Flash Settings

As Chrome runs an independent, in-built version of Adobe Flash Player, the settings are accessed differently to other browsers, which utilize Flash as an add-on. If these are not configured prior to accessing the practice question, you will receive a notification, which will display at the top of your page, either as a grey bar, or a dialogue box, asking you to allow or deny Vieple access to your devices through Chrome. Selecting the allow button will make the necessary configurations in the Chrome version of Flash, to allow you to record your responses.

Audio Issues (1)

Audio issues encountered when using Vieple are generally caused by the recording device itself, or a compatibility / settings issue relating to the web browser and operating system in use. We recommend that you record your practice question a few times, to ensure that your devices are working correctly. If you are unable to hear any audio in the playback, you can check the following;

Recording Device

The recording device that you are using can easily be checked out as the cause of an audio issue by recording audio using this device, through the default sound recorders available for your Operating System. For Windows, this is Sound Recorder, while Mac users can utilise QuickTime Player. Ensure that the device you are trying to record with is set as the device to use in this program, and then record a short sound file. If no audio is recorded, you may have muted the recording device, selected the wrong device to record with, not installed the device correctly, or the device itself may be damaged.

Compatibility Issues

Some operating systems and web browsers can cause compatibility issues when used together with specific software or services. At this point in time, we are aware of the following situations in which compatibility issues can arise;

Windows operating systems, particularly older versions (XP or Vista) can sometimes attempt to utilize the incorrect device to record. This can be prevented by accessing the recording devices menu in Windows, by right click the Volume icon in your system tray and selecting recording devices, or accessing via control panel, and disabling all devices except the device you wish to use. This can be done by right clicking the device and selecting disable, or selecting the device, then selecting properties and setting device usage to ‘Don’t use this device (disable)’.

Versions of Google Chrome, in conjunction with versions of Mac OSX, have been found to also cause issues with recording audio. We recommend utilizing another web browser if you find that you cannot record audio when using Mac and Chrome.

Audio Issues (2)

If Adobe Flash Player has been installed and in use on the device you are using for some time, there is the possibility that it has accrued conflicting settings, which can prevent your devices from initializing successfully, causing your responses to fail to record. These settings are saved or updated in the Flash Controls each time a website, service, or program requests to use Flash.

You can clear these existing settings by accessing your Flash Player settings via control panel on Windows, or System Preferences on Mac. Once you have accessed the Flash menu, select the advanced tab, select delete all, ensure only the top checkbox is checked and then select delete data. Once you have done this, close the menu and restart your computer. This will clear all previously saved flash settings and you can then effectively work from a clean installation.

Please note, once you have done the above, you will need to re-complete the setup instructions, to ensure that you allow Vieple to access your devices.

Network Issues

When attempting to complete a video interview from within a corporate network, be it government, private, or educational, you may encounter issues connecting to the Vieple media server. In these cases, this will display as a message in the video area stating ‘Connecting to the media server…’, and when the time limit for the practice question finishes, will result in an error message ‘Connection Failed’.

This is caused by security restriction in place on the network, which can prevent the streaming of audio/video data, and access via specific ports. Generally speaking, the turnaround time to have any changes implemented by the network team responsible will be lengthy, and as such, the suggested resolution is to utilize an alternate network / internet connection, not bound by the security restrictions in place.

However, if the network team is willing to implement changes to allow you to record a response, the network must be configured to allow down and up video/audio streaming. Ports 1935 and 5080 must also be opened for “*” for inbound and outbound traffic.

Other Software

Some other software programs can impact your ability to record your responses if they are running concurrently with Vieple. Below you will find some of the more common programs that can cause issues;

Skype / Video Conferencing Software

As this software also utilizes your microphone and camera, there is the possibility that, if these programs are running concurrently with Vieple, that they will fail to release the devices to Vieple for use, resulting in your devices not being accessible. We recommend exiting these programs prior to attempting to complete your interview responses.

Torrent / File Sharing Software

Torrent / File Sharing software in and of itself, may not prevent you from being able to record your responses successfully. However, if you are using software that is torrenting or sharing a large number of files, and in doing so, utilizing a large proportion of the available bandwidth of your internet connection, you can increase the possibility that you will encounter issues maintaining your connection to the Vieple media server. We recommend that while completing your video interview, you close or pause any Torrent / File Sharing Software.

Peerblock Software

This software is usually used in conjunction with Torrent / File Sharing software. When in use, it prevents access to and the receipt of data from a large list of IP addresses, which in most cases will include a range of data centres. As such, there is the possibility that this software may prevent a connection being made to the Vieple media server, resulting in the user not being able to complete their responses. We recommend exiting any Peerblock program, prior to attempting to complete your responses.

Internet Connection

Although connection issues have become less prominent as technology has improved, they do still occur, and in the case of remote locations, can happen fairly frequently. Vieple is designed to be able to run regardless of internet speeds, with responses buffering and uploading after completion if the speeds are too low to maintain a real time data transfer. However, Vieple does require that a respondent maintains their connection to the media server during the recording of their response, and for the duration of the upload.

As such, if a connection dropout does occur, the candidate will see a message from the Vieple media server, advising 'Your internet connection failed, or the video server is taking some time off!’. This is a generic message advising that you are no longer connected to the Vieple media server. If a respondent sees this message at any stage, they should contact Vieple Support (, who will be able to assist, as their response will not have been submitted successfully.

Candidates will be able to continue on and record their remaining responses if a connection dropout does occur. For candidates using the Vieple App, they should ensure that the upload process has completed, prior to closing the app, to ensure that their responses are submitted successfully.