Vieple offers a range of background checking and online reference check tools.

Why use Vieple Checks?

  • Prevent fraud

  • Reduce your liability

  • Protect your brand from damage with your customers or publicly

  • Provide a safe workplace

Online Reference

Reference checking will give you a true picture of the applicants likelihood to perform as an employee in your company. Online reference checks give you consistency of documentation and questioning, remove unconscious bias found in phone references, allow the referee to complete the reference in their own time, and complete it with greater levels of honesty and accuracy.


Police or criminal history checks are increasingly becoming a mandatory feature of any major job application. Studies have found that 80% of a business’s theft or fraud occurs by its own staff. Although you don’t want to be skeptical of new or potential employees, a good business is heavily affected by its risk management strategy. It is essential for employers to be able to fully trust their entire staff team and feel more secure knowing that they have taken measures to procure reliable team members.

Qualification Check

Often people have qualifications that are appropriate to the job in question, but these are rarely checked for accuracy. It’s easy to state a qualification to meet a requirement, but often these are misleading or exaggerated. Vieple contacts the relevant university or institution to verify the attendance and achievement of the qualification in question. In our experience this is another major area of fabrication on resumes.

Working With Children

Working with Children Checks are managed by each state and various legislation. This means you must have your workers undergo a working with children check or screen if they will be working directly or indirectly with children.

The Working with Children Management check will give your employees all the information they will need to get the check, as well as correct and reliable information to attach your business. It also validates the card and sends you and the employee reminders when the check needs to be renewed.

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