Vieple recruitment video interviewing allows you to shine. Vieple allows you to think carefully about questions before you answer. Vieple allows you to conduct your interview at a time and location that suits you, all you need is a PC and internet access. Vieple also allows you to interview for positions anywhere in the world.


Finding time for 1st round interviews while you are working full time, is difficult. It is made even more difficult if the position you are applying for is not where you live. Often candidates miss out on positions they would like, just because it is impractical to attend a first round interview. Phone interviews are an alternative but fall short in allowing you to express your response to a question. Vieple video interviews solve this problem. As a candidate you can respond to questions after normal business hours. Vieple is your chance to shine, without having to be in the room.

Easy To Use

You don’t need to have used a video interviewing system to master Vieple. Vieple has been designed to make it as simple as possible to allow you to present yourself in the best possible light. Simply click on the link in the email provided to you by your interviewer and follow the simple prompts.


Vieple allows you to participate in an interview discreetly from the security of your own home. Many candidates are concerned that their current employer, either within their current organisation, or outside their organisation will become aware that they are looking to advance their careers. With Vieple, this is no longer a concern. Vieple video interviewing is conducted through a high security server that ensures that your video interviews are only available to your recruiters.


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