The all-in-one digital recruitment System

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One system to do it all

Campaign is here to help organisations drive better recruitment outcomes through the combined use of screening, testing, interviewing and applicant management, all while avoiding unconscious bias and unfair hiring.

Helping you streamline your entire recruitment process, increase efficiency of your HR departments and build a more diverse workforce.

Campaign is the world's first integrated screening platform with a fully automated blind recruitment option, helping you navigate every step of your recruitment workflow.

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By automating manual processes and housing all your recruitment tools on one platform, we free you up to focus on what matters, and that is finding top candidates.


Increased candidate quality and engagement is achieved by using pre-determined psychometric assessments and video interviewing as part of the candidate's online application process.

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What makes Campaign different?

Campaign is the first platform to offer a blind recruitment option for employers.
'Unconscious bias' is a widely-accepted phenomenon that a person’s life experiences influence their thinking.

Up until now, creating a blind recruitment practice had to be done manually by assigning a team member who isn’t involved in hiring to anonymise every candidate’s information. With Campaign, it is as easy as ticking the 'blind' box and all the anonymising is done for you.

Campaign is your all in one recruitment solution with a difference.

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