Video Interviewing Makes Retail Recruitment a Breeze

Retail recruiting involves facing unique, industry-specific challenges. Hiring for retail positions is often a time consuming, labour-intensive, and sometimes very expensive affair. Not to mention high turnover of staff (it may seem like you’re always hiring!), ensuring diversity of candidates, anticipating seasonal demands (Christmas comes too fast!), and shift and casual work considerations.

However, automated video interviewing – particularly for high-volume retail hiring – significantly reduces many of these pain points and improves overall accuracy.

Video improves your ability to recruit the ideal “good cultural fit” candidate.

One of the most obvious – and often overlooked – characteristics of an ideal retail candidate is their seemingly effortless ability to SELL. Some people naturally excel at customer service and sales – these are the candidates you want on your team!

But given the high turnover in retail, and the need for large and frequent recruitment drives, to land your retail ‘dream team’ you truly need a cost-effective, automated way to sort the suitable candidates quickly and accurately.

The best way to test your candidate’s customer presentation skills is to see them presenting to you on video!

Video interviewing with Vieple is the “magic bullet” that reduces major recruitment pain points such as time and cost, while improving accuracy and streamlining the entire process for recruiters and candidates alike.

Video automates many of the most time-consuming elements of large volume retail recruitment, helping you especially at the top of the funnel -- that scary moment when thousands of applications flow into your inbox!

Sift through large volumes of candidates faster and more accurately.

The advanced technology of Vieple’s video interviewing platform is the ideal way to sift through large volumes of retail candidates, and also to observe an individual candidate’s customer presentation skills -- as opposed to a resume which is just words on paper.

Video also helps reduce interviewer bias and works to emphasise diversity in your recruitment process. It allows a recruiter to standardise the environment as much as possible by using the same questions, same time-frames, and eliminating potential for any ‘like me’ hires.