The University of Auckland

“With 100 candidates to be reviewed in 9 hours, Vieple was very easy to use and they helped us manage the risk with a lot of students being reviewed in a very short time frame”
— Susan Wilson (The University of Auckland)

The University of Auckland is the largest and leading university in New Zealand with over 40,000 students, and is ranked in the top 100 universities worldwide. Over 10,000 students graduate annually and the university has a highly sought after Professional Skills development program for Graduate School of Management Business Masters.

In developing The University of Auckland Professional Skills development program, Susan Wilson, a Professional Teaching Fellow assisting in the design of content, delivery of practical workshops and tutorials and assessment, identified recorded video interviewing as a means to improve candidates’ knowledge and experience with interviewing.

With 100 candidates to be interviewed in a short time frame, Asynchronous Video interviewing was identified as the ideal solution streamlining the student development process and preparing the students for the postgraduate employment market.

Vieple provided the simplest and most efficient way for The University of Auckland to achieve this. Some of the direct benefits included:

  • Recorded video interviews
  • 24 X 7 participant Support
  • The features to review & score participants’ interviews
  • The ability to export scores and comments to share with participants allowing for individually tailored feedback

Feedback after the project included comments such as “It was a great tool and VERY easy to use” and “We have also had great feedback from the students”. The university will continue to use Vieple Video Interviewing with all new cohorts of participants in the Professional Skills development program.