The benefits of a video interviewing system that encourages input from multiple decision makers

The average HR department is operating with fewer resources than they were several years ago, yet the expectations of improved candidate selection and talent retention continue to grow. HR departments throughout Australia are looking for ways to improve their efficiency and create more collaboration between decision makers in the hiring process. Vieple’s recorded interviewing is one way of achieving these goals.

Unlike live and streaming video, Vieple’s recorded format is designed to foster collaboration between HR and other departments and divisions. With Vieple, interviews can be viewed and ranked by multiple decision makers, with the aim of achieving a consensus on the best candidates for the role. This viewing and ranking process can be done at any time of the day, any day of the year, from anywhere on the planet.

This unique ranking feature, allows decision makers to rank candidates on each individual question, providing a more accurate ranking across an entire interview. Decision makers can also view ranking and comments made by other decision makers. 

The collaborative workflow provided by Vieple is already changing the way that Australian HR departments are working with key internal decision makers in organisations. Vieple clients are already benefiting from a more efficient screening process and choosing better candidates for their roles, as well as experiencing increased support in the recruitment process.