How Video Interviewing Bridges the Graduate Employment Gap

In the real world, high university scores have only a very small part to play in whether a candidate will be successful for a role within your business. More critical qualities that have fair greater impact are communication skills, cultural fit, community involvement, aptitude, and an ability to learn.

But how do organisations measure these qualities accurately and efficiently? 

Easy-to-use video interviewing is the answer.

As traditional phone screening of graduate candidates fast becomes obsolete, each day we are asked to implement video interviewing technology for an increasingly growing number of ‘Top 100’ graduate employers.

The reasons for this shift are clear: video improves speed to hire, reduces time-consuming phone interviews, and enables the effortless sharing of recorded interviews across teams.

The biggest benefit being that by the time recruiters meet a candidate in person, for assessment or interview, they know they’re only meeting the very best, ‘cream of the crop’ so a quick and accurate decision can be made. 

Practice makes perfect -- and improves confidence.

Another tactic to bridge the employment gap is to provide graduates with practice interviews. Before candidates are ready to even apply for jobs, many universities and professional bodies are offering practice video interviews so graduates can be well prepared for the real world. 

Practice video interviews help candidates improve their confidence because they can literally see themselves as they are! Video reduces self-consciousness, calms nerves, and improves confidence. There is simply no better feedback loop.

Tips for streamlining processes and managing expectations:

Typically, our clients manage their graduates’ expectations by outlining the process clearly on their ‘Careers’ webpage, outlining what qualities they’re looking for, along with adding a few helpful hints, and a link to a practice interview.

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