If you’re undertaking a high-volume recruitment campaign and setting up numerous in-person interviews, you risk wasting time, money, and resources when a candidate fails to turn up.

Traditional in-person recruitment interviews have always been incredibly inefficient and time-consuming due to a variety of reasons. By utilising video interviewing technology, you can greatly mitigate and/or avoid negative outcomes. In fact, video interviewing virtually eliminates the risk of candidate no-shows so that they essentially become a thing of the past.

1. Genuine Cancellations

We’ve all had to deal with the unexpected. Heavy traffic on the freeway. A sick child. A flat tire. It is not uncommon for responsible adults to fail to arrive on time, or to entirely miss high priority appointments for reasons beyond their control. With video interviewing, rather than meeting at a specific time and date, candidates are given a set timeframe for completion that gives them the flexibility needed to ensure that they can easily complete the interview at their own pace.

2. Painfully S.L.O.W Hiring Process

Inviting a qualified candidate for an interview which isn’t scheduled for a few weeks is a recipe for risking a no-show. Reviewing resumes and applications is time-consuming. And trying to coordinate candidate interviews with even just one key stakeholder can be a big scheduling challenge for all concerned. Many companies often take weeks to respond to job applicants. Video interviewing allows hiring managers and stakeholders the freedom to view interviews at their earliest preferred scheduled time. The entire hiring process is now more streamlined and completed significantly faster.

3. They've Had Another Offer

In today’s job market, first impressions can make or break your recruitment campaign. Job interviews are a two-way street, and your applicants are almost certainly also looking at opportunities with your competitors. A video interview demonstrates to prospective hires that you value their time and that your organisation is not afraid to embrace new technology to make the hiring process more efficient and less stressful for everyone. You will stand out as a forward-thinking employer-of-choice that is able to evolve with the latest technologies - an attractive characteristic for younger and older Millennial candidates.

4. Lack of Communication

“I wish you’d contacted me sooner. I applied a few months back but never heard from you.”

How many top applicants are lost this way? Video interviewing reduces this sort of outcome by providing you and the client the time and flexibility to successfully coordinate interviews and follow-ups faster and more efficiently. With video interviewing qualified candidates are less likely to lose interest because it is easier for both parties to remain actively engaged with each other.

Need Help Reducing Candidate No-Shows?

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