Vieple allows us to provide a global solution and a consistent approach to graduate recruitment across Orica.
— Robert Verrall, Graduate Programs HR Advisor

Orica is a truly global company with operations in more than 50 countries. Orica has a diverse workforce of over 15,000 people that originate from more than 130 nationalities.

Like many industry leaders, Orica are always seeking solutions that help reduce recruitment costs and improve the efficiency of recruitment processes. Recent efforts have been focused on the cost of overseas graduate recruitment. As part of this review process the Orica Graduate resourcing team identified phone screening as an area that absorbed a disproportionate amount of the HR resources. In response to this problem the Orica Graduate team trialled Vieple recorded video interviewing.

Unlike phone screening and live video interviewing, Vieple’s recorded video interviewing provided levels of scalability essential to screen graduates as quickly and fairly as possible. 

Vieple also helped the Orica Graduate team standardise recruitment processes in different countries and time zones. Now Orica could run the North American graduate recruitment process in the same way as the Australian head office. Vieple also allowed Orica to keep the video interviewing in house, therefore reducing costs, without increasing the HR resources.

The benefits for candidates were even more impressive. Orica graduate applicants had the ease of completing the video interviews at a time that fitted around their busy work/education/life schedules.

Vieple has allowed Orica Graduate team to reduce its recruitment costs, improve the efficiency and fairness of the recruitment process and assess candidates on their fit with Orica's culture around the globe.