Monash Talent

Video interviewing has multiple benefits – it is convenient for the graduate, improves turnaround times and most importantly helps us make the right match for employers. We are able to provide hiring managers with a snapshot of a graduate’s unique characteristics and strengths. Plus working with Vieple has been a delight, a very service and solution oriented organisation!
— - Brooke Young, Director of Monash Talent

Monash University has over 17,000 graduates looking for their chance in graduate roles every year. Monash Talent was created to provide a link between the high-quality graduates and employers, by providing a full-service recruitment solution. As a new service, Monash Talent had the opportunity to innovate their screening processes and match candidate strengths to a business’ requirements and culture fit.

Monash Talent required a highly reliable process to accurately assess and identify a graduate’s skills and behaviours to provide candidates who are culturally aligned to the hiring organisation. This had to be provided in a simple to use, cost effective and efficient manner.


How Monash Talent applied Vieple

Monash Talent reviewed the market, looking for a highly innovative solution that would provide:

• Accurate and reliable profiling
• An outstanding candidate experience
• Simple administration within the recruitment team
• Capability to integrate into the Monash Talent App and Candidate portal
• Local support.

In the conversations with Monash Talent and Vieple it was identified that the Vieple Video Interviewing platform, along with Mercer Match was an ideal fit, meeting all of the requirements.

Vieple and Monash Talent worked closely to develop the video interviewing technology to fit into the planned candidate assessment process. As the technology can be fully integrated with the GradConnection Candidate Management System, it makes the process seamless and automated for both candidates and the recruiters at Monash Talent.


The Results

Monash Talent was launched in October 2017, with immediate success for both graduates finding roles, and employers easily accessing a high-quality talent pool.

Monash Talent is now able to profile large numbers of graduates in a largely automated and simple process, making it easy to create a large pool of talent ready for employers.

The benefits of video interviewing are:
• Convenient for candidates to complete the pro le process – enabling a highly responsive service to employers
• Simple to administer for the Monash Talent Recruitment team
• Stable and reliable platform, accessible across mobile and tablet devices
• Substantial savings of time and cost compared with phone screening or face to face interviewing – able to pass these savings onto the employers