The Vieple system is user friendly and easy to use. Vieple enables our recruitment team and candidates to participate in first round interviews at a time and place that is suitable to them. It’s a fantastic system to enable bulk interviewing which can be shared with a number of hiring managers without the stress of a panel interview for candidates”
— Sheryn Crummy, Head of Talent, Development & Graduate Lead, People Relationship Management - Capgemini Australia & New Zealand

Capgemini is one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting, technology, and outsourcing services. With more than 180,000 employees in 40 countries, the company improves its clients’ business performance and competitive positioning through the effective and innovative use of technology. An important part of their commitment is to on-board bright young individuals who share their cultural values and specific goals through a Graduate Career Program. 


How Capgemini applied Vieple 

Capgemini chose Vieple because they wanted a video interviewing platform that would reduce the time spent by the recruitment team reviewing candidate applications, while also simultaneously reinforcing their reputation as an innovative global technology company. 

Vieple video interviewing technology was simple and fast to implement with an efficient, easy-to-use user-friendly interface. With the ease of one login, candidates could now complete and submit video interviews at a time and place that worked for them. Capgemini recruiters could now build customised interviews, and share candidates’ videos with different areas of the business for review, rating, and feedback. 


The Results 

In addition to increasing overall efficiencies for the Graduate Career Program, additional benefits included more accurate identification of cultural fit, along with improved ‘time to hire’ because of the ability to easily review interview content and quickly progress candidates to the next stage.

Video interviewing took the geographical challenges and the ‘tyranny of distance’ out of the hiring equation. One candidate had an outstanding video interview, but was unable to physically make it to the assessment centre. The recruitment team were able to share her video interview with decision makers and hire her without having to see her in person.  

With the success of the graduate program, Capgemini is now using Vieple for recruiting positions within other areas of the business. 

Further strengthening our partnership with Capgemini, we are working to integrate with their Applicant Tracking System, Springboard so Capgemini can invite, review and see scores directly from Springboard without having to log in to Vieple in addition to Springboard. This integration will increase efficiencies for recruiters and provide the candidates with a seamless experience.