Do you really want to be screening candidates in the middle of the night?

Your business is global, and chances are, so is your recruitment process. You may be conducting a worldwide search to find the best people to fit your roles and culture, or you might have the responsibility of recruitment for your entities in other countries. No matter what your responsibility, you want to screen candidates at a time and place that is convenient for everyone. Once, time zones stood in your way, but with Vieple that’s no longer the case.

What is Vieple?

Vieple is an online video recording platform that allows you to conduct video interviews and video screening at a time and place, convenient to all.

Much more convenient and accurate than phone screening

To explain the benefits of Vieple, we can use the traditional model of phone screening. With phone screening, you slowly work your way through the call list until you have contacted all candidates. The problems with these screening techniques are, they’re time intensive, difficult to schedule for everyone and often result in inconsistent comparisons.
In comparison, Vieple allows you to develop a consistent set of questions, which every eligible candidate receives and answers in a predetermined time. Candidates can conduct their own recorded interviews at the time that fits within their busy work/life/family schedules. The interviewer can then review candidates at a time that is convenient to them, rate candidates, and then go back and compare candidate responses any time. Equally as important, Vieple also allows interviewers to engage with other stakeholders to contribute to the rating process.

No more late night calls

Because Vieple is recorded, there is no need to schedule call or interview times. Simply upload questions to your candidate database and send an interview email request to all candidates. You can also include a deadline for completing interviews. As candidates complete their interviews, they become instantly available to view through the system. You can also monitor and send reminders to those who haven’t completed. This process allows you to dramatically reduce the time it takes to contact and interview candidates, and completely removes the need to schedule calls at all hours of the night.
Reduce the time to hire
Because Vieple allows you to streamline the recruitment process, it allows you to get to the best candidates faster that your competitors. That’s an unparalleled advantage in a competitive recruitment market.

A fairer way to assess candidates

Vieple allows you to review candidates with a higher degree of impartiality than phone screening. Screening candidates with Vieple allows you and others to individually assess candidates and use the same rating system for comparison, and because Vieple is recorded, you can always go back and reevaluate your candidate pool.

Try it for yourself

You now know how Vieple can help you streamline and improve your recruitment and screening process. You also know how much more cost effective and convenient Vieple is than phone screening. The only thing you need to do know is to familiarise yourself with how intuitive Vieple is to use, and the best way to do this is with a free trial. Click here now to try Vieple for yourself.