Video Interviewing Improves Productivity

Recruiters and hiring managers these days have almost an insurmountable challenge: squeezed budgets mean less time and resources devoted to hiring, and yet more pressure from upper management to deliver high quality candidates.

Video interviewing boosts productivity and improves accuracy.

When you’re running a lean-and-mean recruiting department it pays to reduce costs in any way that you possibly can. Taking advantage of the latest technologies is a great way to improve your bottom line. Here’s where video interviewing really comes into play, by delivering real and tangible results.

Video reduces support staff workload by a minimum of 40%.

Do you want to save 40% - or more - on your workload? Our research has shown significant reduction of recruitment workload by utilising video interviewing. Other benefits include:

  • Access to a wider talent pool
  • Reach candidates interstate and overseas
  • Less hiring time with more accurate outcomes
  • Filter candidates faster
  • Reduced travel costs
  • Video viewable by multiple decision makers

52% of recruiters that improved time-to-hire use video interviewing.

Want to cut back on your costs, speed up time-to-hire and improve employee retainment by hiring the right person for the job? Video interviewing is your answer!

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