Why Avoid Video Interviewing? Some Good Reasons Not To.

Sometimes we might be resistant to new technology because we don’t fully understand the benefits or how it can make our lives easier.

Are you a late adopter? Or early adopter? Or somewhere in between?

Some people are ‘late-adopters’ - they like to sit on the fence and watch and wait to see how others use new technology before they take the leap. Other people are ‘early adopters’, they’re the trailblazers: they’re the first to try new gadgets and new technology so they can get the edge on their competitors.

But why all this stress about ‘keeping up with the Joneses’? In short, technological advances are happening so fast, across so many industries, that if you don’t keep up you’ll get left behind. It’s that simple.

Video interviewing is the latest technology to hit recruitment and it’s causing a revolution in how we recruit candidates. It’s saving recruiters time and money, boosting efficiency and also improving the chances of finding the right candidate.

Addressing Common Concerns about Video Interviewing:

1. Concern: Isn't video interviewing replacing face-to-face meetings?


  • Video interviewing does not replace face-to-face meetings. It simply facilitates a faster connection with quality candidates to keep them engaged in your recruitment process.
  • It’s also ideal for ‘first round’ connections at the top of the funnel - when the candidate pool is the largest.
  • It saves time by replacing cumbersome phone screening of large volumes of applicants.
  • It is also ideal for initial meetings with candidates in remote areas or overseas

2. Concern: How will I be able to tell if the candidate has the right fit for our organisation?


  • Video interviewing is much more objective because it virtually eliminates personal bias on the recruiter’s part through a standardised and rigorous interview process.
  • The candidate’s video can be viewed many times by various decision makers to ensure a consensus of opinion.
  • You and other members of your team will gain a richer understanding of your candidate’s personal brand and style to ensure cultural fit.

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