Why Avoid Video Interviewing? Some Good Reasons Not To: Part 2

In this second article in our series on debunking common myths around video interviewing, we explore the concerns that recruiters have about their candidates’ reactions to interviewing via video technology.

Not sure how your candidates will react to video interviewing?

The fact that interviewing by video has obvious and powerful benefits such as saving time and money, and also boosting overall recruitment process efficiency, has not convinced some recruiters to take the leap into new technology. In fact, some recruiters are still hesitant to implement video due to fear around how their candidates will react.

Still concerned about your candidates’ reactions?

Did you know that...?

  • Candidates actually prefer the freedom of being able to choose when to complete their interview. Your candidates can complete their video interview in a time frame that suits them, without the stress of taking time off their current job, work or family commitments.
  • Candidates can easily access relevant information to prepare for the interview beforehand. Your candidates will be better prepared and will appreciate being given a clear framework for their interview.
  • Candidates actually feel more engaged with your brand thanks to decreased lag times between initial communications and interviews. Faster turnarounds are good for everyone! You’ll find the right candidate faster, and the candidate will know whether they’ve been successful or not much quicker.
  • Candidates are accustomed to and experienced in social sharing that video facilitates (think LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.). Your candidates are probably more social-savvy than you realise and understand the concept and benefits of video sharing.

You may be surprised at the positive response that your candidates will have about online video interviewing.

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