Why Avoid Video Interviewing? Some Good Reasons Not To: Part 3

In this third article in our series on debunking common myths around video interviewing, we explore the concerns that recruiters have about implementing new video interviewing technology.

Worried about the logistics of setting up video interviewing? You needn't be because today it's all about "plug and play" technology.

In the not-so-distant past, setting up any kind of new software would take in-depth training courses and hours studying thick "How To" books just to learn the basics of how to use the new technology.

Happily these days are long gone!

Today new technology has to be "user-friendly" and intuitive. This means that new technologies are designed with the end-user in mind to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience and that the technology makes your life easier.

Implementing and using Vieple video technology is easy.

Implementing video interviewing software is fast and simple:

  • Easy for recruiters: you can be fully set-up and running your video interviewing campaign in just a few minutes. All user-guides are easy to understand and all training material is easily accessible online. If you have any questions our Help Desk is on hand 24/7.
  • Easy for candidates: all they need is a device with a camera and microphone – most computers, smart phones and tablets these days have this built-in. Candidates can also use the free app on their mobile devices and have access to the Help Desk for support 24/7.

Getting video interviewing up and running will take you a few minutes, and yet save you hours of time in increased efficiency.

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