3 Flawed reasons why you haven't tried video interviewing

With the turmoil that is happening with recruitment in Australia at the moment, now doesn’t seem the time to change the way you do things. Actually, now is the exact time for change. It’s the perfect time to assess your current recruitment practices and assess if there are more efficient workflow processes that you can employ to recruit the best candidates… and video interviewing is a good place to start.  While reading this you’ve probably already come up with, what you currently believe are, a few good reasons not to try video interviewing. Following are 3 of the most common reasons HR professionals give for not trying video interviewing.

Reason #1. Video interviewing is a passing fad

Like most technological innovations, video interviewing will have its time and eventually be replaced… but this is likely to take between 5 to 10 years. Today video interviewing continues to gain momentum and acceptance by both recruiters and candidates as the most efficient, fairest and accurate form of pre-interview screening. Recent surveys show that 53% of hiring managers now often use video interviewing in their hiring.

Reason #2: Why change our process?

Inertia is dangerous. It can stop us doing what’s prudent and what’s necessary. Yes, there is a learning curve with video interviewing but with systems like Vieple, that learning curve is small (about ½ an hour for interviewers and less than 2 minutes for candidates). Like many of the business efficiency tools you have embraced over the last 2 years, once you start using video interviewing, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without it.

Reason #3: We don’t have the budget

How much time are you wasting on phone screening? How often have you flown in a candidate, only to discover in the first 5 minutes they are wrong for the position? Video interviewing systems like Vieple remove repetitive tasks, reduce time to hire and help you hire the right talent. Vieple will save you time and money … not in the future, today.

Rather than waste time coming up with more reasons why not to try video interviewing, why not take a little time and trial Vieple video interviewing right now?