Video Interviewing gives you the Competitive Edge

Research* indicates that 79% of enterprises struggle with a lack of crucial skills available in their local candidate pool. But how do you widen the net and get the edge over your competitors – while keeping costs down?

Video interviewing removes geographical boundaries.

With video interviewing you’re not limited by geography and you open up to candidates in remote areas, interstate or internationally - reaching more prospective candidates than traditional face-to-face in-person interviewing.

Video interviewing eases scheduling issues and time limitations.

Video interviewing also removes the time and scheduling limitation. This is a huge advantage for candidates whose time may be limited by a strict nine-to-five workday or family commitments. The flexibility of video interviewing means that the candidate can undertake the video interview after hours or on a weekend without the stress of taking time off work.

Video means reaching more graduates, more often.

Reaching the latest crop of graduates takes strategic timing and technological edge in order to get the edge on your competitors. Video interviewing makes this process much faster and is also likely to represent your brand as technology-savvy and innovative.

Better talent pool, better business edge – with Vieple.

Get the edge on your competitors with Vieple video interviewing. Easy to implement, with a fast learning curve you’ll be experiencing the advantages of video interviewing in no time.

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*Aberdeen Group’s talent acquisition research, June 2014.