How Vieple goes beyond interviewing

f you think video interviewing restricts you to simple interview questions, think again. Our clever clients have thought up interesting and innovative ways of using the video technology to get beyond just asking their candidates the usual interview questions.


Many clients like to see their candidates presenting on various topics relevant to the role they are hiring for. Think of it like a recorded in-tray activity! This allows them to gauge many different candidate qualities such communication and interpersonal skills, presentation style and impact, and personal brand, all of which are crucial factors for successful hires.

Problem Solving

Verbal, numerical and abstract tests are one way to measure problem-solving ability. But why not ask your candidates to solve a problem in front of the camera for an opportunity to watch them in action and determine their approach and behaviour when faced with a task? The problem can be technical, mathematical or completely abstract, like a question on how many golf balls there are in the US?

Sales Pitch

Interested to see how your candidates will perform in a sales roles or any role that requires sales capability? Do you wonder if their style will fit with your organisation’s culture and unique selling approach? Why not ask your candidates to ‘sell a solution’ to you using video technology and therefore collecting even richer data on their capability and suitability for your business.

Intro to Managers

Once the candidates have been hired by your recruitment team, you have the perfect opportunity to ensure that their managers are familiar with them before they meet them on the job for the first time. Send them a link to one of the candidate’s interview questions or the candidate’s recorded presentation. When they meet for the first time, it will be a more natural experience for the manager and they will be able to put their new hire at ease.

If you thought simple behavioural or motivational questions were the limit of video interviews, think again! Join our clients and get creative with your video interviewing process, making the most of this agile technology! Sign up for a demo!