Vieple - A Quick Way to Reduce Your Hiring Time

The hiring cycle is time-consuming and expensive. Most of the cost is eaten up on travel expenses and lowered productivity. Imagine a world where you saved huge chunks of time and costs when you hired new people. Now imagine presenting that solution to your Director. You’d be the star wouldn’t you?

Spend less time hiring and more time generating revenue.

Do you want to become more efficient saving time and money? Vieple is the answer. With one easy decision you can almost wipe out your travel costs for hiring new talent.

A typical business attending a talent fair would spend around $5,600 on the exercise. Even then the rewards aren’t guaranteed. Vieple eliminates that cost entirely.

Improving your hiring will improve your ROI.

By using a more targeted campaign on both traditional job sites and wider social media you gain access to a wider talent pool.

Did you know that?

  • The travel costs in talent acquisition are $9.9billion?

  • 69% of businesses are looking for ways to reduce their travel costs?

  • 53% of businesses reimburse travel expenses for graduate interviews?

  • The use of video interviewing doubled from 8% to 16% since 2012?

If you’re looking to hire better people and improve your bottom line you need to try Vieple with a free trial.

Find the right people with Vieple.

Vieple is intuitive to use. It will help you streamline your recruitment process. It’s simply more cost effective and convenient than phone screening.

Demo Vieple now for free and find out for yourself how much you can save.