How Video Interviewing Increases Chances of Graduate Recruitment Success

Graduate recruitment is increasingly becoming a critical element of overall business strategy – for both corporate and government organisations. Also, more critically, in less than 10 years’ time the Millennial generation will make up 75% of the workforce. This means that recruiters will need to be able to attract and retain top graduate talent more effectively, and in a more tech-savvy way than ever before.

The biggest challenge for graduate recruitment? Making them stay

Millennials were raised in an era of economic uncertainty: the post-GFC economy. This era caused a major shift in the way that many Millennials think; they see themselves more like ‘contractors’ or entrepreneurs, and less like employees.

Millennials also have a much more realistic expectation that their first job will probably not be the same one they’re in, in two or three years time. Many of them may even change their jobs on a whim. Millennials have been known to leave organisations en masse just because their friends have moved on.

All of this changeability can make a graduate recruiter’s job challenging to say the least!

So how do you make sure you’re getting the candidate with right cultural-fit who will want to stick it out for the long run? Video interviewing is the answer.

Video interviewing is your shortcut to graduate recruitment success.

It’s no news that today’s crop of Millennial (Generation Y) graduates is a highly digitally savvy generation. They’re very comfortable with new technologies, and will even judge your organisation on the technology that you use to interact with them.

Video interviewing is a great way to recruit your graduate candidates. Firstly, they’ll feel comfortable using the technology because it operates on similar principles as social media. And secondly, they’ll be impressed by how video interviewing respects their time and gives them the chance to put their best foot forward:

  • Candidates have the freedom of being able to choose when and where to complete their video.

  • Candidates can prepare for the interview better as they are given a clear framework for their interview.

  • Candidates actually feel more engaged with your brand thanks to decreased lag times between initial communications and interviews.

  • Candidates are accustomed to and experienced in social sharing that video facilitates (think LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.).

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