How Video Helps Take the Pain out of Christmas Casuals Recruitment

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas - that increasingly busy time when you’re stocking up for the biggest sale season of the year, and at the same time hiring additional casual staff in anticipation of increased sales.

Video interviewing improves your seasonal recruitment process.

Let’s face it; hiring staff at any time of the year is a time-consuming, labour-intensive and expensive process. But Christmas casual recruitment can seem even more stressful: a rushed and ad-hoc affair, with already-stretched staff now having to recruit, on-board and train extra staff.

Happily, thanks to the latest in video interviewing technology, there is an inexpensive way to reduce the cost and time of hiring Christmas casuals.

Video interviewing reduces your recruitment workload by 40% - or more!

We’d all like 40% more time in our day to get things done and that’s where user-friendly video technology comes to the fore. Recruitment tasks that may have taken days or weeks to complete are now fully automated with video interviewing.

Casuals recruitment is now more efficient and accurate:

  • The interviewing process is automated for the most part so you don’t even have to be in the room

  • Videos can be viewed later at your discretion and shared with others when you deem fit – no more juggling of meeting schedules

  • Willingness to adapt, learn and develop

  • Access a wider talent pool – candidates can be located in the country, interstate or overseas

  • Ability to be a flexible part of a team

  • Easier candidate filtering – sort through candidates faster

  • Reduce travel and admin costs for recruitment staff and managers

  • Less recruiter bias and more objective outcomes

Want to save time, money and stress on your casuals recruitment?

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