Hiring Diversity is Easy with Vieple

Diversity in the workplace is quickly becoming the hottest topic of the year. But why such a push to hire diversity? Ultimately the answer is, because companies with a diverse workforce perform better - so it’s great for business. The challenge then becomes ensuring that you’re targeting diverse talent during the recruiting process?

Automated video interviewing is the answer to hiring diversity.

When it comes to hiring diversity the goal is to provide equal opportunity for all candidates, and a fair and equal selection process regardless of gender, race, age or ethnicity. The hiring criteria need to be as objective as possible to reduce any personal bias on behalf of the recruiter.

Traditional selection methods such as resume-screening and unstructured interviews may actually hinder diverse hires and even lead to highly talented applicants being unfairly screened-out.

How does video interviewing support hiring diversity?

Video interviewing supports a fair and standardised process across all candidates. It also increases objectivity during the selection process because evaluations are based on concrete and permanent observations, often made by more than one person, rather than a one-off interaction.

The highly structured video format provides valuable insights into a candidate’s job-related competencies – thus reducing a recruiter’s unconscious (or conscious) prejudices. The video is also recorded, which means that stakeholders can view the candidate’s video before making a final selection decision.

Vieple makes hiring diversity easier.

Vieple’s video interviewing improves diversity by providing a structured format that increases objectivity by focusing more clearly on the candidate’s talents, skills and competencies.

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