Digital Recruiting Takes Centre Stage As Mobile Use Grows

As smart phones become more ubiquitous and the mobile revolution becomes mainstream, we do more and more daily tasks on our iPhone and Android apps – including searching and applying for jobs.

In an age of mobile revolution, video interviewing is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with:

As mobile-friendly video applications grow and bandwidth limitations become less of an obstacle to high-quality viewing, video has emerged as a force in mobile recruiting.
— Mobile Recruiting’s Next Wave, SHRM, 2018

Digital recruitment is ideal for reaching top Millennial candidates.

When you’re aiming to reach top Millennial candidates (those aged 19-35 years) your digital interviewing capabilities should be at the absolute forefront of your recruiting strategy. This generation grew up with smartphones and live their whole lives around their favorite mobile device. Millennial candidates naturally feel confident when they engage with digitally-advanced prospective employers with recruitment processes that are obviously on the cutting edge of mobile technology.

Millennials also appreciate the flexibility to take their interviews at a time and place that suits them. It shows your company respects their various time commitments with regards to their education, family, and present employer

Recruiters also benefit from flexible access and speed-to-hire improvement.

With mobile-capable video interviewing, recruiters now have instant mobile access to screen, interview, and follow up conversations with candidates. Mobile video adds flexibility to the entire recruitment process by the easier scheduling of candidate interviews and also making it easier for upper management and other decision-makers to review interviews and become involved in recruitment decisions.

In fact, you can’t afford not to jump onto the mobile interviewing bandwagon. This is the new reality because mobile works to increase speed-to-hire at such a rapid pace that competitors risk missing out on top talent if they don’t keep up with the latest technology.

Vieple use increases on both iOS and Android phones.

In 2018 almost 20% of all Vieple candidates used mobile to complete their video interviewing. This figure is up from 8% last year and growing every month. With this increasing level of mobile engagement, the question is no longer whether to implement video interviewing, but more critically, how can your company afford to not join the mobile video interviewing revolution?

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