Hiring Baby Boomers with Video Interviewing Technology

Many people have the erroneous belief that anyone over 50 years of age is incapable of utilising or learning even the most straightforward technologies that are fast becoming standard tools for recruitment.

A popular myth persists that members of the Baby Boomer generation cannot work their smart-phones, let alone open an email and click on a link to complete an online video interview. However, the reality could not be further from the truth.

Most Baby Boomers revel in the opportunity to try new technologies.

In fact, given an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ‘Boomers’ are no less suitable than younger generations for the application of cutting-edge video interviewing recruitment technology. Ranging in age from their early fifties into the early seventies, this vast generation still is, and will continue to be, a significant portion of the labour force for years to come. And contrary to stereotypes, Boomers are more than capable of completing simple tasks such as an online video interview.

Excluding Boomers because of a fear of using video interviewing may marginalize, and potentially dismiss, a valuable portion of the labour pool.

Boomers bring essential professional and general life experience that younger employees and growing, successful organizations are eager to tap. Questioning their ability to complete something as simple as an online video interview is a fast way to risk losing their in-depth subject matter expertise to the competition.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics expects that as Baby Boomers age they will increase their respective shares of the labour market for several years to come.

Along with decreasing rates of disability, older Australians are leading more active lives than previous generations. With a greater capacity to work, and the pressure of an increasing ageing population on the cost of welfare provision, many older people are remaining in paid work beyond the age of 65. - The Treasury 2010, Intergenerational Report 2010, Australia to 2050: Future Challenges

With increased health, life expectancy, and education, coupled with changes to superannuation and pension plans, this generation will continue to be a valuable segment of the labour pool.

Video interviewing technology is virtually foolproof!

Vieple video interviewing makes the process as simple as clicking a link in an email. The user interface has been designed by usability experts to be easy--and even fun--to use. Practice interviews enable familiarity and comfort without the risk of making a mistake. And if they get stuck, our 24/7 help desk offers friendly service and immediate answers and solutions.  

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