New Digital Recruitment Platform Simplifies and Improves the Hiring Process

Wouldn’t it be great if you could access one easy-to-use tool for complete and up-to-the-minute information on your entire recruitment pipeline? And access it all from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone?

Introducing Campaign -- the all-in-one, digital recruitment platform from Vieple

The new Campaign digital recruitment platform provides employers with an entirely integrated and seamless candidate screening and selection system that reduces time-to-hire and improves talent fit.

Campaign ensures that candidates cognitive ability, proven to be the best indicator of job performance, is tested within the recruitment process. Work sample tests--often the biggest cost in volume recruitment--can now be conducted online in partnership with an online Assessment Centre, thereby significantly reducing expenses. All resulting test scores can easily be accessed by all relevant stakeholders.

Campaign also has the capability to assess cultural and brand fit within your organisation by measuring candidate values and preferences. Recorded video interviews are easy to access to evaluate candidates’ communication and interpersonal abilities.

The first digital recruitment platform in Australia to offer ‘blind recruitment’ functionality

Employee diversity is being recognised more and more every day as a very important characteristic for successful organizations. Diversity improves workplace morale and boosts company reputation leading to greater profitability and opportunity for all.

With Campaign, unbiased hiring decisions can now be made whereby the most qualified candidate is chosen independent of ethnicity, gender, age, education, etc. Hiring managers now have the ability to virtually eliminate unconscious bias by choosing which characteristics they wish to omit from the hiring process.

The Benefits of Vieple’s new Campaign platform are clear:

Our research indicates that Campaign can quickly impact the organisational costs typically attributed to recruitment and hiring, by reducing:

  • Assessment Centre testing costs by 80%
  • Interviews ‘no shows’ by 15%
  • Employee turnover by 5%

The Campaign platform is custom built to help you easily and efficiently secure the best talent for your organization. The entire digital recruitment process can be individually tailored for your organisation to exclude or include any relevant assessment stages. Candidates can now enjoy an easy-to-use, user-friendly experience while navigating the latest in cutting-edge hiring technology.

Need help with simplifying and improving your hiring process while reducing costs?

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