How Video Interviewing Makes High Volume Recruitment Easier and Faster

Large volume recruitment can sometimes seem to be a thoroughly daunting undertaking -- even for the most experienced of recruiters. The prospect of having to trawl through thousands of applications to find the best candidates may seem insurmountable at times.

Thankfully, the latest advances in video interviewing technology are making top-of-the-funnel, large-volume recruitment easier, more affordable and much faster.

Video interviewing benefits the recruiter and the employer.

Utilising the latest video interviewing technology will benefit your large volume recruitment campaign by:

  • Increasing the size of the pool from which top candidates are sourced
  • Reducing support staff work load by over 40%
  • Improving time-to-hire and getting the edge on competitors
  • Expanding your geographical reach to regional and remote areas, interstate, and overseas

Why do employers love using Vieple for large scale recruitment campaigns?

The Vieple Subscription delivers major benefits for organisations that are involved in high volumes of hiring across multiple regions, roles and time zones. The subscription reduces the need for phone screens, scheduling, and face-to-face meetings. At the same time it increases communication across silos and connects existing employees to new opportunities within the organisation.

Vieple Subscriptions provide unlimited interviewing along with Vieple’s question database, different languages and 24x7 live support.

Need help with your high volume recruitment campaign?

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