6 Newly Discovered Video Interviewing Benefits

By now we are all well aware of both the time and cost saving benefits that come with video interviewing. The technology has completely streamlines the hiring process, improving the entire experience for both recruiters and job-seekers alike.

Video interviewing is one change that you can make in your recruitment process today, that is guaranteed to have a positive impact on both your ROI and on the candidate experience. Video interviewing allows companies to engage with candidates in more creative ways and present as even more appealing to them.

So here is a look a 6 newly discovered benefits of video interviewing!

  1. Consistency in the interview process

    As much as hiring managers and recruiters will attempt to stick to the same interview process and ask the same questions of each candidate, it can be exceptionally difficult to do so. It can be easy to go off track once caught in a conversation and particular points can be missed. It is inevitable that each candidate will receive a different interview experience. This lack of consistency can make it difficult to decide on a candidate once it comes to crunch time.

    Vieple video interviewing technology eliminates this issue by making it very easy to have completely consistency across the board. The hiring team gets to set pre-determined questions for each candidate, and therefore only have these responses to refer to when it comes to decision-making time.

    This evens the playing field for candidates and makes it easier for the hiring team to make better informed decisions.

  2. Invigorate passive candidates

    Picture the following scenario: an individual is not desperately seeking a new job but they are open to a new career opportunity - particularly if the other perks are right. However, if they feel they have to find time during a work day to drive across town for a formal interview, chances are high that they’ll decide it’s all too inconvenient and choose not to pursue the opportunity.

    Video interviewing address this issue head-on by giving candidates the ability to interview from the comfort of their home! This flexibility is precisely why it has become such a powerful recruitment tool and way to invigorate passive job seekers bringing you one step closer to finding your next best hire.

  3. Observe body language and non-verbal cues

    Phone screens are still still a method some hiring managers rely on to vet candidates before deciding to bring them in for a formal interview. Unfortunately, in comparison to video interviewing, phone screens are seen as time consuming and not overly effective as they don’t give you a real-life look at the candidate.

    Video interviewing enables you to not only to save time by viewing the recorded interview in your own time, but it also allows you to see a candidate’s body language and facial expressions which can be big clues when it comes to piecing the puzzle of how they would fit within your organisation.

  4. Strengthen your employer brand by being on the cutting edge

    By utilising video interviewing, you are showing prospective employees that your organisation believes in the importance of adopting new technology into it’s daily business practices. This gives candidates the confidence knowing if they end up working within your organisation, the won’t be relying on outdated practices to get their work done.

    Sending this subtle yet important message will attract candidates who are not afraid of change or taking on new challenges and it will most definitely widen your talent pool.

  5. Enable after hours interviewing

    It’s a well know fact that job seekers struggle to find a new career opportunity when they’re already employed. Making time during the working week to head out to a job interview is a challenge, not to mention preparing for it and investing all that time when you’ve got work tasks to complete. Not only is this all stressful, sometimes it’s just not possible!

    Video interviewing simplifies pursuing new jobs as the job seekers can record their interviews after hours or on the weekends instead of taking time away from their current employment.

  6. Improve collaboration in your recruitment process

    The key to making better hiring decisions is collaboration within the hiring team. Video interviewing gives you the ability to involve all your team members in the recruitment process.
    At their own convenience, they are able to view, rank and comment on recorded video interviews and then collectively compare candidates. This leads to a much more transparent and collective decision-making process and it eliminates individual responsibility.

    There’s no doubt video interviewing is the solution to improving and invigorating your recruitment process. Contact Vieple for more information on how you can automate your recruitment process.