Fusion Graduate Management Solutions

Phone interviews, primarily a manual process for Fusion, were replaced with pre-recorded Vieple video interviews. The process became more efficient, allowing Fusion to assess greater volumes of candidates faster and secure top graduate talent for our clients
more quickly
— Paula Gepp, Managing Director at Fusion Graduate Management Solutions

Fusion Graduate Management Solutions provide expert end-to-end graduate management solutions around attraction, selection, development and talent management. Fusion prides itself on helping clients identify and target the highest calibre graduates ahead of their competition.

As part of the selection process for graduate and vacation programs, Fusion conducts telephone interviews to shortlist the large volumes of candidates these campaigns attract. Phone screens are often a laborious and resource-heavy task, but nonetheless a crucial element of bulk recruitment campaigns.

Fusion was looking for innovative ways to assess not only a candidate’s verbal communication skills, but their non-verbal cues as well. This is where they partnered with Vieple.

How Fusion applied Vieple

Phone interviews, primarily a manual process for Fusion, were replaced with pre-recorded Vieple video interviews. This innovative system uses

a video conferencing style similar to Skype, in which candidates record answers to questions provided on screen in written format. These pre-recorded interviews were then viewed at a later time by recruiters and assessed based on criteria approved by their client.

The Results

Vieple reduced logistics and administration time by removing the need for scheduling and booking phone screens. It also allowed recruiters more flexible hours in which to review and assess interviews, while being able to progress through more candidate interviews per hour than was possible with phone screens, thus reducing the hours of work required.

Recruiters were able to assess body language and non-verbal cues as well as the verbal answers, which meant they were able to judge the motivation and passion for the industry that the candidate was applying for, more fully. The client was also able to access the interviews, which allowed them to review candidates coming to assessment centres in advance, and check the quality of the candidates coming through the selection process.